Hi! I’m Olivia, a graphic designer who loves solving problems, creating brand clarity and making things that matter.
On the 1st of November I am making the move to London - I have spent the last 5 years working full time as a graphic designer in Auckland, New Zealand.
I have worked in both a freelance and in-house capacity, on a range of different projects - from rebranding and retail to educational resources. In my spare time I like to work on combining hand lettering and illustration - creating cards and prints to sell at local markets.
My process
When working with a client or within an in-house environment, I find it important to be objective, bring a fresh perspective and ask lots of questions.
Most of my clients have a prepared brief or an idea of what they are looking for. I begin by asking them questions to understand the full context of the brief and how it fits in with the bigger picture. This identifies any larger issues or ‘pains’ for the client that need to be taken into consideration. Then through research and further consultation I look for the best possible approach for solving the problem. If you think I'm the right fit for your team or project get in touch hello@oliviadajevic.com
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