Hi! I’m Olivia, a Senior Graphic Designer who loves solving problems, creating memorable end user experience's and making things that matter.
I am a Kiwi based in London, currently working for Real Chemistry – a global healthcare innovation agency. Prior to the big move I spent 5 years working full time as a graphic designer in Auckland, New Zealand. I have worked both as a freelancer and in-house, on a range of different projects across a wide variety of industries, including: Healthcare, Retail, Publishing and Not-for-profit to name a few.
When working on a project I find it important to be objective, bring a fresh perspective and ask lots of questions. For me it is key to unpack the full context of the brief and how it fits with the bigger picture. This helps identify any pain points the client needs taken into consideration, or if indeed the original project brief will remedy the issue. Through further research and consultation I then begin to formulate the best possible approach for solving the problem.
In my spare time I enjoy traveling and working on improving my hand lettering skills – I have been known to sell my products at a local market or two. If you would like to get in touch drop me a line at hello@oliviadajevic.com

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