Our goal? More relevant and relatable vocabulary for rare diseases.
With experiences so unique, sometimes regular words just won't do. The World's Rarest Dictionary is a project that encourages the sharing of insights from people affected by rare diseases. 
For this project I worked as a part of a much larger team to get this dictionary brought to life. Creative direction and concept by Jen () and Dara (), animations by Simon (), development by Alex () and making it to the finish-line took many more than I can fit here.
My role within this project was to work alongside our creative directors (Jen and Dara) on developing the online experience of the site, in particular the word maker. Once we had wire-framed the experience to suit their vision, it was my role to start designing out the site and collages based on initial concepts signed off by client.
My most joyful part of this project was to help shape the experience with the UX then taking it through to creating the beautiful collages with both analogue and digital elements.  
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